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Meet SP Transport:

A Family-Owned Business that's Driving Results in Transportation and Logistics

SP Transport is a family-owned transportation and supply chain provider that makes logistics a breeze. Based in sunny Buckeye, Arizona, they have over 21 years of experience under their belt. The team at SP Transport are logistics wizards who specialize in outstanding customer service. They offer a range of transportation and logistics services that can get your goods moving by air, rail, or road, and they even have some specialty services up their sleeve. SP Transport is committed to making sure their clients get the best possible deal and they are all about saving you money. They’re so efficient and cost-effective, it’s like they have a superpower! You can trust SP Transport to handle your precious cargo with care and get it to its destination as quickly as possible.


SP Transport: Small Fleet, Big Problems in Driver Recruitment

Before SP Transport began working with Talent Scout Marketing, the company was struggling to recruit quality drivers to meet their operational demands. As a small but mighty transportation and supply chain provider, the team was focused on what they did best – providing outstanding logistics services to their clients.

Their small size and limited resources meant that they did not have the capacity to dedicate to the recruiting process. This made it challenging to attract and screen candidates to ensure they were qualified and the right fit for SP Transport. The operations team was feeling the heat, and 75% of the fleet was sitting idle due to the lack of drivers. The recruitment efforts were either unfruitful, or didn’t provide the right fit candidates. This left SP Transport in a difficult position.

The Approach that Delivered: How Talent Scout Marketing Helped SP Transport Hire Quality Drivers Quickly and Efficiently

To tackle the recruitment challenge, Talent Scout Marketing utilized digital marketing best practices to create interest in working for SP Transport among drivers. Talent Scout Marketing took a multi-faceted approach to help SP Transport address their driver recruitment challenges. 

The first step was to attract potential candidates by leveraging job boards and social media platforms to create a buzz around the company and its opportunities. Through targeted job postings and engaging social media content, Talent Scout was able to generate interest among qualified candidates and create a community of individuals interested in working with SP Transport.

Once the interest was generated, Talent Scout took the next step to engage with potential candidates through outreach efforts. This included personalized messaging and follow-up communication to ensure that interested candidates were provided with the necessary information about the job and the company to make informed decisions about applying for the position.

After identifying and engaging with 38 potential candidates, Talent Scout then took care of the pre-hire screening process. This ensured that candidates were not only qualified but also the right fit for the priorities of the driver and the job at SP Transport. By taking care of these crucial steps, Talent Scout Marketing was able to make the recruitment process smooth and efficient, while also providing SP Transport with quality candidates who were well-suited for the job.

Talent Scout Marketing delivered a pool of 8 qualified candidates to SP Transport for consideration, streamlining the recruitment process and providing quality candidates for the job. Preliminary screening was completed to ensure that the candidates were not only qualified but also matched the priorities of the driver and job at SP Transport. The goal for Talent Scout Marketing was to make the recruitment process smooth and efficient for SP Transport while providing them with top-quality candidates that were perfect for the job.

Hitting the Road to Success: How Talent Scout Marketing Helped SP Transport Drive Results

The recruitment campaign devised by Talent Scout Marketing proved to be a resounding success for SP Transport, as the company was able to secure the services of three skilled drivers and three owner-operators in just two weeks. Not only did the new hires provide relief to the overwhelmed team, but they also generated an extraordinary impact on the business’ revenue. With each tractor-trailer generating an average of $20,000 per month, the addition of three new drivers to the fleet resulted in a whopping $60,000 increase in revenue each month. And the hiring of owner-operators added even more income potential, boosting SP Transport’s revenue to an incredible $120,000 per month.

Benny Drives Success: How this Hire is Helping SP Transport Stay Ahead

Benny, one of the new hires brought on board by Talent Scout Marketing for SP Transport, has extensive driver manager experience. Benny’s expertise and experience will be a valuable asset to the company and its plans for growth. In addition to his driving experience, Benny’s past experience as a driver manager will help the company run smoothly and efficiently. Benny’s attention to detail and dedication to his work make him a great fit for SP Transport. The company is thrilled to have him on board and looks forward to working with him to achieve its goals.

Benny said, "I am thrilled to be a part of the team at SP Transport and grateful to Talent Scout Marketing for connecting me with this opportunity.
I am looking forward to contributing to the company's growth and driving for our clients."


Professional Driver

Meet Allen: The Enthusiastic Driver Who's Miles Ahead of the Game

Allen’s story is a perfect example of how Talent Scout Marketing was able to find the right driver with the right priorities for SP Transport. As an Over-the-Road driver, Allen was used to being away from home often, but his former company’s inability to get him home for his home time was a major issue. When Talent Scout Marketing connected him with SP Transport, they immediately saw his potential and were thrilled to have him on board. Not only is Allen a qualified driver, but he is also an enthusiastic one, willing to put in the miles to ensure the company’s success. With Talent Scout Marketing’s help, SP Transport was able to identify and attract drivers like Allen, who not only had the right qualifications but also shared the company’s priorities and work ethic.

I'm so grateful to Talent Scout Marketing for connecting me with SP Transport. I've always been passionate about driving, and with their support, I can now do what I love while also having the flexibility to spend time with my family. The team at SP Transport is fantastic, and I'm proud to be part of such a dedicated and hardworking group of people.


Professional Driver

SP Transport social media post of newly hired driver

Talent Scout Marketing Delivers Quality Drivers to Help SP Transport Keep Their Fleet on the Road and Moving Forward

Tyler Roberts, President of SP Transport, commented on Talent Scout Marketing’s contribution, saying, “I worked with April in the past, so I knew she was a talented marketer. I fully expected we would get the drivers we needed. What I did expect was the quality of the drivers. The Talent Scout team took care of everything from job ads to outreach to pre-screening. They even helped us with documentation and offer letters. They made the entire process so easy for us.”

Mario Martinez, Director of Operations for SP Transport said, “ Before working with Talent Scout, our operations team was bogged down with the challenges of driver recruitment, and it was taking a toll on our business. But they quickly helped us hire quality drivers efficiently and quickly. The new drivers are enthusiastic and motivated, and I’m excited to work with them to drive SP Transport’s success.”

Overall, the successful partnership between SP Transport and Talent Scout Marketing showcases the value of utilizing digital marketing strategies and working with experienced recruitment professionals to attract and hire quality talent.

Let Talent Scout Marketing Steer You in the Right Direction for Your Hiring Needs!

Working with Talent Scout Marketing is a collaborative and streamlined process. We work closely with our clients to understand their recruitment challenges and provide strategies that fit their needs.

Our team of expert recruiters and marketers leverages cutting-edge tools and techniques to help clients attract, engage, and hire top talent. From crafting compelling job descriptions to targeted outreach campaigns, we use a data-driven approach to optimize every aspect of the recruitment process and maximize our clients’ return on investment.

Throughout the process, we provide regular updates and feedback to our clients, so they are always in the loop on our progress. We pride ourselves on our clear communication and transparency, and we work closely with our clients to ensure their satisfaction every step of the way.

At Talent Scout Marketing, we are committed to providing exceptional service and delivering real results for our clients. If you’re struggling to find and attract quality talent, reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help.

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